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“The mix of code and then project approach talks was excellent. Well organised, clearly lots of effort with drinks, origami and quiz!” – Matt Gilbert @ Versantus

Huge thanks to those of you that attended our PHP Oxford ‘re-launch’. What an amazing turn-out and overall vibe in the room! 🥳

Oliver Davies gave a highly technical talk on Build Configs, providing loads of practical insight and how he goes from nothing to a working Drupal 10 website in less than a minute! For those interested, please see the slides and videos from Oliver’s talk here: You can find out more about Oliver’s work and contact him here:

Dan McInerney spoke about decoupling features via API, using Symfony. It was great to hear Dan run through how himself and the team worked realistically through a large project like this, with the help of AI generated images that of course generated some laughs! If you would like a copy of Dan’s slides, please contact me on

The Humand Team hosted a PHP-themed quiz, with the first place prize of a coveted PHP Oxford beanie hat! Want to get your hands on one? Come along to our next meet up on the 21st of March, once again at The Oxford Retreat 🍻 RSVP here!

If you would like to give a talk, please contact 📢 Similarly, if you have any other feedback we would absolutely love to hear it – this is YOUR event and we want to make it into what YOU want! 😊