About us

Joseph is the Founder and CEO of Humand. After starting his career in recruitment with Haybrook IT in 2012, Joseph worked his way up to Director and worked his way up to the top of every leader board within the company on the way.

Believing that client requirements are changing and that more is needed in the process than traditional methods of recruitment, Joseph set about with the idea of creating the best possible service. With the ability to start from scratch, Joseph carefully selected the best possible tools out there to create the best process possible.

He also wanted to do away with the traditional and internal facing KPIs, Humand now concentrates on placement retention and customer satisfaction - not money.

Joseph is a proud father and fiance, organiser of Java Oxford and attended University in Swansea before embarking on his recruitment journey.

He has a keen interest in technology with recent interests including AI and Machine Learning, coding in Python and learning more about Agile processes.