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🌟Introducing Lumai, our standout start-up for February!🌟


🚀Lumai is enabling AI deployment at scale with the fastest, most energy-efficient AI processor for datacentres. The company is solving the challenge of how to meet the ever-increasing AI performance demand while minimising energy consumption.

Lumai’s unique 3D optical technology is taking AI processing way beyond the limitations of both silicon-based GPUs and photonic solutions. With its outstanding power efficiency, Lumai significantly reduces the operating costs of running AI processors.

🎓 The company is an Oxford University spinout, and the technology is based on many years of ground-breaking research. The Lumai team brings together outstanding technical knowledge alongside commercial and scaleup expertise.

Lumai in the news:
🎥 Featured in Silicon Semiconductor’s recent video: Watch here
🔍 Recognized as one of the AI start-ups to watch in 2024 by Read here

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