• Full Stack Developer

    I was in correspondence with Jess Haydon regarding a developer opportunity. Their service has been helpful in arranging for the interview, and getting feedback. Jess has been very responsive by getting interview scheduled, sending reminders, answering any queries and doing follow ups till the offer release. I thank her for the help. I appreciate the Humand team and recommend them.

  • Full Stack Developer

    Recruiters I met here were among the most caring and responsive ones. They were very friendly in addition to their highly professional manners. They have an outstanding performance in finding new opportunities that suit the candidate's skillset and tracking the current interview progresses on behalf of the candidate. I highly suggest working with them.

  • QA Analyst

    Jamie was very helpful and professional. He supported me through all interview process from the beginning to the job offer. I’m very grateful that they found me. I would definitely recommend this agency!

    QA Analyst
  • UX Designer

    Great recruitment agency to work with, very communicative, friendly and hard working. I personally had the experience to work with Jamie Kennedy who is a friendly and helpful guy, even though unfortunately no job came out of it this time, I would definitely contact Jamie and co for job search in the future.

  • Software Testing/QA Analyst

    The agent here was excellent throughout- checking in regularly with me and liaising with the employer to make sure everything was satisfactory. No complaints at all!

  • Full Stack Developer

    The humand team is thoroughly professional. Both Joseph & Jess were constantly giving updates & were keeping well informed. They set the expectations right from initial conversation & provided all the required insights. It was really a pleasure to work with them.

  • UX Architect

    Always been very communicative throughout the whole recruitment process, which I very much appreciate.

  • Mobile & Web Developer

    Great company! Jessica has been a delight to work with whilst I've been seeking work. She's been extremely pro-active and responsive, and an all-round professional. 5 stars!

  • Software Engineer

    For sure Humand distinguish themselves from other Talent Acquisition companies. I was surprised (in the good way) for their availability to reply to all my questions and make sure I was comfortable through all the process.
    Even after getting the job they still remained in contact which means (at least at my eyes) that they care for the people they contact with.

  • Principal Software Developer

    The service is great, they are professional and transparent. Throughout the process Jessica Haydon was extremely helpful, following up with relevant information and everything I needed at every single step of the hiring process and answered all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. Thank You! :)