The Fellow

Unlimited Hires on Pay Per Month Basis!

Best for: Those who hire regular and often.

The Benefits:

  • Unlimited Hires
  • Unlimited candidate access
  • 4 Optional Onsite Visits Per Month with 24/7 access to a Dedicated Account Manager
  • Minimum of 200 Candidates Pitched to Per Month
  • Huge Advertising Campaign inc. Video
  • Pro-active Passive Candidate Targeting via extensive network
  • Video Profiling of candidates with Anytime Access
  • Pay Monthly Fee
  • Flexible Commitments
  • Cost Can Be Allocated to Any Department or shared
  • the use of the Latest Agency Side Technology
  • Relative Cost to one FTE within the ta function
  • Specialist talent partners within software engineering
  • Actively Promote Business as a whole
  • Referral Scheme
  • Event sponsorship and event promotion

The Results:

  • Price per Hire Reduced
  • Time to Hire Reduced
  • Increased Diversity from a larger pool of candidates
  • Improved Market Intelligence
  • Improved Employer Branding
  • Better Candidate Experience (CX)

Additional extras:

  • Psychometric Testing
  • Technical Testing
  • Additional On-site resources and consultant time
  • Careers site for the brand or specific team
  • ATS Implementation
  • CRM Implementation
  • Event construction and management
  • Speed Video Interviews
  • Additional Event Sponsorship 

If this sounds like the right type of recruitment product or talent acquisition solution then please contact our Founder Joseph now for a free consultation and discovery, on or call 07970 357 012.