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We are much more than just a transactional CV sending Recruitment Agency!

We work with our clients on a whole host of innovative ideas that solve your business problems with Talent, so there is not a one-size-fits-all model that we deploy!

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Here are some of the things we have done for our clients in 2020!

  • Worked with businesses to create bespoke Recruitment Campaigns to attract that hard to find talent - securing offers in all of our retained projects


  • Provided Consultants, Contractors and Freelancers to get projects over the line within 24 hours of discussion with us


  • Built out Software Engineering and Web Development teams for Start Ups and Scale Ups, being their outsourced, in-house Recruitment team


  • Created Talent Road Maps for businesses and bench marking how much Talent will cost if they won a proposal/piece of work and then delivered that talent on successful wins


  • Solved new ir35 regulation issues for them with our innovative solution and taken their direct freelancers and contractors and removing tax liability and risk from the contractor


  • Improved businesses ability to attract diverse talent... and then delivered on that new platform (over 40% of placements have been from under-represented groups)


  • Delivered SoW Development Services to businesses where we price the work on delivery, to keep risk to a minimum


  • Placed a "bundle" of candidates in to a team for a fixed price, allowing the client to take advantage of "economies of scale" of working with us to recruit them all


  • Facilitated the hiring of Software Engineers and Web Developers overseas in places where businesses don't have their own entity



Some of the unique features we have offered clients as part of our packages:

  •  Offered a 12 month guarantee on placements and a 12 month free replacement in case things don't work out


  • Provided Workplace Preference Assessments to help manage new staff from day 1


  • 10 month payment terms to help with cashflow in tricky times


  • Free ir35 assessments on all their contractors


  • Subscribed to our TPaaS services as they plan to hire lots over the next 12 months


  • Worked with us on SoW work to deliver Software projects at a set fee


  • Hired us to find Diverse Shortlists