About Humand Talent

Our Story

January 2020 looked like a great time to start a Recruitment and Talent business. March 2020...not so much! But it has actually worked out really well for us all. 

Starting from scratch with a blank canvas we set about building a modern, future-proof, consultative business driven by our values and the community we serve. Using our personal approach alongside the latest software and tools in Marketing and Automation, we have a created what we think, is a process which delivers unrivalled experiences and results for both businesses and individual candidates. 

Our Clients

Humand Talent are a team of Software Engineering Talent Partners who specialise in providing the best Developers, Designers, DevOps, Testing, Product and Consultancy Talent to businesses – especially Tech Start-Ups and Scale-Ups. 

Using the best technology and processes coupled with our extensive network of Talent, we can solve business and recruitment problems quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. 

Our innovative, bespoke products allow you to choose a service which works for your business and situation. 

We work in a consultative manner, so you don’t just get CVs, you get an expert helping you understand the market. Let us help you hire better, attract better talent and save you the headaches. 

Our Candidates

Humand Talent works for our candidates as well as our clients and offer an unrivalled candidate service which is an open, honest and truthful consultative approach to your situation (Check our 5* Google rating). 

Our conversations are a two-way process where we learn more about you, whilst giving you valuable insights into the businesses and the roles that we work with. We actively tell you the businesses and opportunities you could match, who largely work with us on a sole supplier basis. 

We also do the negotiation for you. Ultimately, we want you to find a great role and stay in it for a long time, because you love it so much. Therefore, we are always going to have your interests in our minds and will always try and secure you the best deal possible – without you having to do it yourself. 

Think of us as a hybrid between a Headhunter who scrolls the whole market to find the most suitable persons for our clients and a Football style Agent who brokers a great deal for you. Ultimately our job is done well when we make a great match and both sides walk away super-happy!