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Happy Earth Day!

So, what is Earth Day?

Earth Day is on April 22nd every year and it marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. It is a day of action, a day to encourage others to change our behaviour for the better, a day to fight for a cleaner environment for a healthier planet. Climate change is one of the biggest threats and challenges that humankind has ever faced, and for the sake of our Earth and its people, we implore you to rise and join to face the climate crisis together.

So, what have we done?

Here at Humand, one of our core values is Sustainability. We want to ensure that we approach everything we do in a sustainable manner. That means we’re doing our bit by partnering up with the folks at Ecologi to fund carbon offset projects and tree planting around the world.

So far, we’ve had 15 months of climate impact, 39.74 tonnes of carbon reduction, and planted 551 trees in our forest!

We’re proud to be part of the Eden Reforestation Project, where they work with local communities to restore and replant forests on a massive scale, helping to mitigate climate change, create employment, and protect ecosystems. Trees (Avicennia Marina to be exact!) have been planted in Madagascar which is helping to restore their biodiversity hotspots. Humand has also helped to fund reforestation projects in Mozambique and planted Adansonia digitata, trees that will help to re-establish a thriving ecosystem, moreover, the planting activities alleviate local poverty by providing employment.

But we haven’t only been planting trees…

To support us in becoming more Climate Positive, we have contributed to nearly 40 tonnes of carbon reduction, which is the equivalent of 30 long haul flights or 99,000 miles driven in a car. We’ve accomplished this by helping to fund geothermal power production in West Java, Indonesia to displace coal and diesel-generated electricity. This project in particular has won many awards from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Energy. In Taiwan, we’ve helped to accelerate their shift towards renewable energy by helping to fund onshore wind farms to lessen reliance on fossil fuel imports. Additionally, this project has engaged the local community in helping to preserve the local eco-system by organising regular beach clean ups and awareness raising guided tours.

Moving over to Honduras, where 51% of the total population there still cook with biomass (generated by burning wood, plants, and other organic matter) which means that not only do trees need to be cut down for fuel, but the greenhouse gases produced from the burning increases levels of household air pollution causing health conditions, especially for women and children. We’re pleased to say that we are involved in funding the distribution of 300,000 fuel-efficient cookstoves in households across the country which means that families decrease the amount of wood needed, leading to a reduction in the rate of deforestation!

This is only a small part of what we’ve achieved partnered with Ecologi, if you would like to see some more of the impact we’ve had, visit our Ecologi profile! Meanwhile, we are looking forward to helping fund many more planet saving projects!

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