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Best NodeJS Frameworks

With more and more businesses utilising web applications to deliver the best user experience, demand for frameworks that offer advanced features has increased significantly in recent years. Consequently, many tech teams and developers have begun using Node.js to develop server-side applications – according to the Node.js user survey report, 4 out of 5 back-end and full stack developers rank Node.js as their ‘Go To’ choice.

So, what effect have we seen this have on the candidate pool we’re working with? 

47.3% of the developers we’ve registered within the past year have Node skills listed on their CV with many more PHP developers looking to make the switch to Node. Are you looking to hone your skills or make the jump from another specialism? Let’s have a look at the most popular NodeJS frameworks, including details on their features, accessibility, benefits, and more…

ExpressJS Logo JavaScript


In our recent survey, 90% of Node.js developers ranked Express as their framework of choice.

Express.js or Express, is a back-end web application framework, released as open-source software. It provides a minimal, flexible and lightweight framework, offering a fast setup and excellent JavaScript experience. You can build web applications, mobile apps and APIs for web pages. From a developer’s perspective, it is an effective toolkit that offers HTTP utility methods, middleware, functions, and more. You can use it to create single-page, multi-page or hybrid applications.

● GitHub Stars – 56k+
● License – MIT
● MVC Framework


● Rapid server-side development
● Enables developers to create robust APIs
● Supports NoSQL databases
● Works on MVC architecture
● Executes multiple operations, offering high performance
● Ensures better communication between client and server

It offers API generation tools, enabling the creation of websites easily. Besides, it belongs to the MEAN software stack, based on JavaScript technology.

Examples of companies using Express include SiHub, Okay and Omnipresent.

Meteor Logo


Meteor.js, a full-stack-based framework, offers the options to create web and mobile applications across platforms. Besides, it gels well with front-end technologies and databases, including React, Angular and MongoDB. You can use it for the complete production of web applications and mobile apps.

● GitHub Stars – 41k+
● Full Stack framework


● Purely JavaScript-based
● Efficient Packages
● Developer-friendly
● Supports rapid prototyping
● Supports cross-platform code

Examples of companies using Meteor include Accenture, Rocket Chat and Nordstrom.

KoaJS Logo


Koa.js is regarded as an extension of Express.js as it was created by the Express team. It offers more efficient and enhanced ways of building web applications and APIs, besides new features. You can use it in front-end, backend and hybrid systems.

● GitHub Stars – 32.2k+
● License – MIT
● MVC Framework


● Offers newer and more efficient features
● Enables better error handling as compared to other frameworks
● Provides in-built tasks such as content negotiation, proxy support etc.

Examples of companies using Koa include LetzChange, Bulb and BrainHub.

Hapi Logo Javascript


Hapi is a highly secure, scalable and reliable framework trusted by developers globally. You can use it to create robust websites, HTTP proxy applications and APIs.

● GitHub Stars – 11k+
● MVC Framework


● Input Validation
● Code reusability
● Error handling
● No external dependencies
● Configuration-based functionality
● Offers an integrated architecture combining authentication and authorization support in API

Examples of companies include Commercetools, Beam and Taggun.

Nest JavaScript Logo


Nest.js framework is used to enhance developers’ productivity and helps them deliver an organized and structured code.

● GitHub Stars – 45k+
● License – MIT
● REST API Framework


● Easily extensible and can be used with other libraries
● Enables developers to code fully with JavaScript
● Offers exposure to APIs that can be used on other platforms
● Provides well-maintained documentation
● Easy learning curve

Examples of companies include Capgemini, Decathlon and Adidas.

Sails JavaScript Logo


Sails.js, an MVC framework, supports modern, data-oriented development compatible with all databases and flexible with JavaScript frameworks. It provides ORM (Object Relational Mapping), which enables integration with any database such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.

● GitHub Stars – 21k+
● MVC Framework


● Auto generates REST APIs
● Reusable security policies
● Offers Object Relational Mapping to integrate well with databases
● Easy to learn as it uses pure JavaScript code

Examples of Companies include – Tutor Platform, People Grove and Redox Engine.

There are various JS technologies for building server-side applications. However, many consider NodeJS to be the best because of the benefits it offers… benefits that have been seen by a number of our clients who are looking for Node Developers to join their teams!

If you’re looking for a new role or would like to take the next step in your career, reach out to our Talent Scout, Callum Baker today, to find out more about the opportunities available!

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